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Block/Unblock UPI for Canara Bank Account Online

Canara Bank customers now have the option to block their UPI service, which helps prevent unauthorized transactions from taking place on their accounts. This feature can come in handy in situations where you’ve lost your phone and your Canara Bank account is linked to an active UPI service. If your phone falls into the wrong hands, there’s a risk of misuse and unauthorized transactions being made on your behalf.

By blocking UPI service for your Canara bank account, you can protect your account from unauthorised UPI transactions. Blocking UPI on your phone prevents anyone from making transactions through UPI, no matter who has your phone. Read also: Check Canara Bank account number, and ISFC code on Paytm

So let’s discuss step by step how to block UPI money transfers and other all UPI services for your Canara Account. You can use this feature whenever you suspect any unusual activity taking place.”

How To Block/Unblock UPI for Canara Bank Account

You need to have a Canara Bank internet banking facility to block UPI services for your account. If you already have it, follow these steps:

(Step 1) Login to Canara Net Banking and click on “Other Services

Canara Net Banking other services

(Step 2) On the left-hand side, click the “Block and Unblock UPI” option.

Block UPI for Canara Bank Account

(Step 3) Please select the “Block” option from the available actions and submit your request.

Block UPI for Canara Bank Account

(Step 4) Next screen click on the confirm button and proceed.

Block UPI for Canara Bank Account

(Step 5) Verify your request through transaction password and OTP and submit.

Block UPI for Canara Bank Account

(Step 6) You have completed the process! UPI services have been blocked for your Canara Bank account. This means that you will no longer be able to link your Canara Bank account to any UPI application, transfer money, receive money, check your balance, or make payments through a QR code. All of these functions have been blocked.

Block UPI for Canara Bank Account

Once you have taken the necessary steps to secure your UPI account, you can unblock UPI services for your Canara bank account.

  • To unblock UPI for your Canara Bank account, just select the “Unblock” option in action and submit your request.

Block UPI for Canara Bank Account


Canara Bank’s block/unblock UPI feature is very useful if you ever find yourself a victim of UPI-related fraud or scam. You can log in to your net banking account and block the UPI facility for your account. By doing so, no one can create any fraudulent UPI transactions from your bank account, ensuring that your money remains safe and secure.

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