Transfer Money Without Adding Beneficiary on YONO SBI

YONO SBI application offers Quick money transfer through the IMPS facility to customers, allowing you to transfer money to any bank account instantly without adding the bank account as a beneficiary. This Quick Transfer feature is helpful for sending money to someone’s bank account without adding them as a beneficiary.

If you are using the YONO SBI application, let’s see how to send money with Quick transfer without adding the beneficiary bank account.

YONO SBI Quick Transfer: Send Money to Any Bank Account Without Adding Beneficiary

(Step 1) Open and login to the YONO SBI Application and on the main home screen, tap on the “YONO Pay” section where you will find many money transfer options like IMPS, UPI, and QR code.


(Step 2) After opening YONO Pay, select “Quick Transfer” to instantly transfer up to 50000 INR to any bank account without adding beneficiaries.

YONO SBI Quick Transfer

(Step 3) Now select the beneficiary’s bank. If the beneficiary is an SBI account holder then select the “SBI” option and if the beneficiary is another bank holder then select the “other bank” option. You don’t need to enter the IFSC code if the beneficiary has an SBI account, otherwise, you must enter the IFSC code for other banks.

YONO SBI Quick Transfer

(Step 4) Next screen you need to enter the beneficiary bank account details. Enter the beneficiary name, account number, and IFSC code (for other banks), enter the amount (Maximum limit is 50,000), select the purpose for this transfer and hit the next button.

YONO SBI Quick Transfer

(Step 5) Next screen you can check your transaction details like account number, name, and amount. If everything is perfect then hit the next button to confirm your payment. (There are no charges for this transfer)

YONO SBI Quick Transfer

(Step 6) An OTP will be sent to your mobile number registered with your SBI account. Enter the OTP and proceed.

YONO SBI Quick Transfer

Great! You have successfully transferred the money to the beneficiary bank account. The money you have sent will be credited to the beneficiary bank account instantly.

YONO SBI Quick Transfer

FAQs about YONO SBI Quick Transfer

Q.1: Which payment method is used for YONO SBI Quick transfer?

Ans: With the YONO SBI Quick transfer facility, you can transfer up to INR 50,000 to any bank bank account through IMPS without adding beneficiary.

Q.2: Are there any charges associated with using the YONO SBI Quick transfer service?

Ans: No you don’t need to pay any charges for Quick transfer.

Q.3: How long will it take for the money to be credited to the beneficiary’s bank account?

Ans: The money will be credited to the beneficiary bank account instantly.

Q.4: Is YONO SBI Quick transfer available 24/7?

Ans: Yes, this facility is available 24/7.

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